First Aid Level 1 : Basic life support and first aid procedures (NQF Level 1)


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First aid Level 1 People that have undergone First Aid Training will be able to: demonstrate an understanding of emergency scene management, demonstrate an understanding of elementary anatomy and physiology, assess an emergency situation, apply First Aid procedures to a life-threatening situation and treat common injuries.

Course Content:

  • Emergency Scene Management (legal aspect, Occupational health & Safety, Emergency rules etc)
  • Elementary Anatomy and Physiology (Nervous system, Cardiovascular system, etc)
  • First Aid Procedures (Choking, fractures, head injuries, burns, bleeding, etc)
  • Emergency Situations (CPR for infants, Children and Adults,Resuscitation and shock)
  • Treat Common Injuries (heart attack, fever, Heat, poisoning, insect bites etc)

Accredited by: Department of Labour, HWSETA, Saiosh

Duration: 2 days

Printed Manual and Certificate at the end of the course / examinations
Certificate issued 7-10 days after completion


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